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Protecting and preserving our unique environment is a priority for the Foundation. We work across a number of projects that can improve and protect our environment for future generations of Kiwis, and promote environmental sustainability.


One such project is a report produced for GLOBE-NZ by London-based Vivid Economics. It outlines an ambitious pathway to New Zealand achieving an economy with no carbon emissions, as called for in The Paris Agreement. This is critical to the fate of New Zealand and the wellbeing of future generations everywhere.


When Kennedy Graham, former Green Party MP, approached us with the idea for this research, we agreed it could lead the way in informing government and environmental leaders on goals and strategies for decarbonising our economy. We supported the idea as long as it was a cross-party initiative, done independently, and with the findings open to everyone.

GLOBE-NZ, a group of 35 MPs from across seven parties, worked together to commission the research. We connected GLOBE-NZ with business and philanthropic leaders who formed an advisory group and project team, which included our Manager, John McCarthy. We also helped bring others on board to contribute to the funding.


Stephen Tindall saw great value in supporting the research: “For the Foundation this was a new way of working. We have never funded such a cross-party collaboration before.


“We were delighted with the success of the partnerships and relationships formed and the report’s outcomes. Getting genuine cross-party agreement on such a big issue as climate change is very positive.”

Our Change-makers

A cross-party grouping of MPs acting on global environmental issues including climate change.
Leveraging Funds

Leveraging Funds



Project lead Kennedy Graham talks about the ground-breaking nature of this collaboration and how the Foundation used its influence to help make it happen:


The Vivid Economics report Net zero in New Zealand reflects unprecedented cross-party collaboration, at least on such an important issue as this global threat. Getting 35 GLOBE-NZ MPs spanning all seven political parties working together on this project was hugely significant. Collaboration of this type is rarely seen in New Zealand politics.


The Tindall Foundation spearheaded the project’s funding. This has enabled genuine cross-party dialogue over the challenge of future New Zealand climate pathways and policies.


The leadership from Stephen Tindall in connecting us with other partners and funders, and John McCarthy’s leadership on shared project management, proved critical to the development and success of the project.


The parliamentary debate that resulted from the report was very different from the usual partisan jousting and point scoring we are accustomed to seeing. It is great that the GLOBE-NZ MPs sought a constructive cross-party dialogue.


It is possible that the positive response to the Vivid Economics report, both from Parliament and the public, will generate interest in further work derived from the report’s recommendations in 2018.

“The Vivid Economics report would not have gone ahead without support from The Tindall Foundation, the other partners and funders — all of whom believe in a new kind of political leadership on this issue, and the possibility of real change.”

— Kennedy Graham

Project:  Net zero In New Zealand report by Vivid Economics

Vivid Economics Report

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$55,000 which helped to leverage a further $90,000 from other donors

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